Instructions for ordering albums


First pick out your pictures.

Go to Find your event. If you haven’t already done so, create an account by logging in using YOUR email address. Type the password given for your event. Now that you are in the event under your email address you will be able to add photos to your favorites folder. After you have picked your pictures and made the selection for the album options email to let him know you are ready to start the album design process.

Please be aware that all photos may not be used. You may select BW or color options but we may use the opposite selection depending on the placement of the image and how it looks on the page.

When picking out pictures…………

We think, less is more. If you do not want to pick out the total suggested, no problem. Albums actually look best when there are less pictures. The amount of photos listed below is merely a suggestion. We do not suggest that you go over the amount of photos because the album can come to cluttered.

How many pictures to pick out

20 page 8×10 album – 60 photos

30 page 8×10 album – 90 pictures

40 page 8×10 album – 120 pictures

50 page 8×10 album – 150 pictures

60 page 8×10 album – 180 pictures

50 page 8×10 book – 150 pictures

100 page 8×10 book – 225 pictures

20 page 5×7 parent album – 40 pictures

engagement guest book – 30 pictures


Below are the swatch options. Please note that imprinting is only available on the following collections :  All That Jazz, the Basics, Tricycle Alley and Happy Cow.  All swatches below can be used for a wedding album.

Book and Guestbook swatches available :  Addiction,  Garbo, Happy Cow, Opulence, Middle earth, Wonderland

Additional $75 charge for swatches The Nines and Zumanity.  Only available for Albums

finao-leathers-2012-5happy cowmidtownwonderlandopulence

Imprinting options